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Swift Media | Websites, Easy as 1-2-3!
Swift Media is an Orange County Website Developer, Internet Marketing Expert since 2000.
Orange County, Website, Design, Development, Marketing
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Websites, Easy as 1-2-3!



Swift Media takes great pride in staying up to date with the latest technology while continuing to support older solutions. What does that mean? It means we support older browsers while preparing for the wonders of HTML 5, CSS 3 or Bootstrap. It is also a confirmation that Website Development requires a truly multidisciplinary approach. We are required to understand software, hardware, DNS, Databases, Search Engines, webcrawling, spiders, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, HTML, PHP, CSS, jQuery, JPG, PNG, FLV, SWF and a hundred other letter combinations so you don’t have to.

Swift Media also offers supported web hosting, world class website tracking and reporting. And, to ensure the safety of your files, we implement daily off-site file back-ups. Swift Media can also implement historical support for your legacy website to ensure the best use of all of your company’s assets.

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