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Our founder, Jeff Messineo, was interviewed by radio host Ann Herr on KUCI, Operation Community Stimlus about Swift Media and his involvement with different non-profits in the area and how this community involvement benefits everyone. Give it a listen! (The interview runs about 27 minutes - I...

I am late to the game on this one. I had seen talk about this speech but fell upon it today and saw a great presentation on belief, choice and faith - clearly worth the watch when you have 20 minutes. ...

Here's an interesting take on the internet and technology - it's worth a quick read:

Regardless of the current, meaningless trend to value a tech company by its users, a company needs fuel to keep running and that fuel will either come from customers or investors. In fact, those investors are the customers and they are buying into a ponzi...

Niche vs. Growth. When does it become apparent that a niche has grown to its full potential? In days, months, years? The value of our offering appeals to a limited number of people or businesses for various reasons. The fact is" we must decide if what...

A quotidian habit. Improvement really should be a daily habit. It makes it a much easier proposition. Making particular processes a daily routine will ingrain the need to do each thing. If you’ve ever had a habit of running nearly every day and you go at the same...

I’m pretty good at WordPress. And Joomla. Websites are a strength, in general. That would be because it’s my business to do these things well. People pay me for it and I buy breakfast burritos with that money. You see, no websites – no burritos.

President Obama just proposed free Community College for the masses. I disagree but, perhaps, not for the reason you may imagine.

I have truly spent most of my life thinking about this very thing.

I can remember spending my days in high school taking some pretty difficult classes and also playing a little too much. I had good grades and, fortunately, school was reasonably easy for me. I also had some brilliant friends some of whom were failing out and one actually had to enlist our help to pick up trash so he could graduate.