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Planting Seeds
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Planting Seeds

Planting Seeds

Digging and turning the earth. Adding nutrients and planting seeds.

Spring provides the opportunity to tap into a process that predates recorded time: growing food so that it can be harvested.

Is our work at sales and marketing, particularly websites, any different?

In fact, one of the great beauties of your digital properties is that the content you created three years ago is (or should) be available to your prospect today and this content is brand new to them.

If you are not creating content and updating your website consistently, your business is missing an opportunity both today and into the future.

Why write a blog post describing the solution to a vexing aspect of your client’s business? You can link to it and share it whenever a prospect phone conversation calls for a well-considered answer. Perhaps, it will appear in search engines or people will begin linking to it as an incredibly useful bit of information.

This would not be possible if you didn’t write the post in the first place and post it to your website; developed on a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress and Joomla, of course. This work you have completed and posted yourself. Building a brand day by day, post by post, link by link.

Seeds must be planted so they may grow.

Have you considered how websites can help your organization or business?

Let us know how we can help:  or 949.273.6015

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