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Sure There’s Water, But Is It Safe To Drink?
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Sure There’s Water, But Is It Safe To Drink?

Sure There’s Water, But Is It Safe To Drink?

swift_media_sure_theres_waterThere is a biological, self-preservative instinct in our need to go back to the same creek or well. Our reptilian brain makes the connection that we have drunk from this water source before; it’s safe to do so again.

We all experience this feeling, even in the business sense. This time there’s some business research to support it. According to a report on eMarketer, 74% of online marketers plan a remarketing email campaign in the next year. The old adage that is costs 600% (yes, AMEX Small Business says 6 to 7 times) more to acquire a new customer versus an existing customer may be proving to be a part of conventional wisdom.

It stands to reason that we are more apt to revisit a business for the same reason we chose them in the first place: we preferred their individual service or product offerings. The water was good, clean and safe. It is our job as businesses to remind our customers, “The water’s fine!”

We do this by reconnecting with existing and past customers through outreach; by developing informative and interesting touch points with our clients by phone, email, postcards, giveaways or advertising. We remind them why they chose your business in the first place and why it is beneficial to choose your business again.

And take a long, cool drink.

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