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We (owners, bosses, managers) are always attempting to peer around the next bend when making business projections. Are we looking at another dip? Are things going to take off? How does that affect my budget and cash flow? The fact is: The only thing we can...

Something I am asked consistently in periodic meetings with my own prospects and clients is about the magic bullet. What will help their business take off? How can we increase sales? The answer isn’t always exactly what they want or expect to hear. As a digital...

I sincerely hope this finds you and yours healthy and safe. May we also take a moment and offer solace to those who have suffered the effects of COVID-19. It looks like we are moving past the darkest days and toward more open interaction. Public gatherings,...

Getting your business in front of customers and potential customers is imperative to creating growth for a robust company. The Digital Marketing tool belt is packed with many tools that didn't exist not so long ago and if you are avoiding acknowledgement of these tools you...

Re-assessing your website and ensuring it aligns with your current business goals has to be done occasionally, here's a start: 1. Read Your Website It's probably been a little while
While preparing for a meeting I recently revisited this interesting piece of research from the Pew Internet & American Life Project.
A Key finding: 29% of cell owners describe their cell phone as "something they can't imagine living without."
In a related study Cell Internet Use, 17% of cell phone owners do most of their online browsing on their phone, rather than a computer or other device. Most do so for convenience, but for some their phone is their only option for online access.

Sitting like the proverbial 20,000 pound, hungry white elephant in the corner of the room, you try not to acknowledge or even pretend it exists. You've been told you must have one. Everyone in business has one. Here's a secret: Not everyone in business needs one. Ask...