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Swift Media is an Orange County Website Developer, Internet Marketing Expert since 2000.
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Digging and turning the earth. Adding nutrients and planting seeds. Spring provides the opportunity to tap into a process that predates recorded time: growing food so that it can be harvested. Is our work at sales and marketing, particularly websites, any different?

I sincerely hope this finds you and yours healthy and safe. May we also take a moment and offer solace to those who have suffered the effects of COVID-19. It looks like we are moving past the darkest days and toward more open interaction. Public gatherings,...

Getting your business in front of customers and potential customers is imperative to creating growth for a robust company. The Digital Marketing tool belt is packed with many tools that didn't exist not so long ago and if you are avoiding acknowledgement of these tools you...

Re-assessing your website and ensuring it aligns with your current business goals has to be done occasionally, here's a start: 1. Read Your Website It's probably been a little while

Here's an interesting take on the internet and technology - it's worth a quick read:

Regardless of the current, meaningless trend to value a tech company by its users, a company needs fuel to keep running and that fuel will either come from customers or investors. In fact, those investors are the customers and they are buying into a ponzi...

Niche vs. Growth. When does it become apparent that a niche has grown to its full potential? In days, months, years? The value of our offering appeals to a limited number of people or businesses for various reasons. The fact is" we must decide if what...

A quotidian habit. Improvement really should be a daily habit. It makes it a much easier proposition. Making particular processes a daily routine will ingrain the need to do each thing. If you’ve ever had a habit of running nearly every day and you go at the same...

Finding your way to a perceptive idea and penetrating approach are the steps to the creating your vision.


As the person who is at the helm, you must have a clear cut and distinct reason for the business. This reason must be clear to you. If you have not written and presented this reason a thousand times in a hundred different settings in dozens of forms, you don’t know what your business does.