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Finding your way to a perceptive idea and penetrating approach are the steps to the creating your vision.


As the person who is at the helm, you must have a clear cut and distinct reason for the business. This reason must be clear to you. If you have not written and presented this reason a thousand times in a hundred different settings in dozens of forms, you don’t know what your business does.

More importantly, either does your customer. If you have any.

Customers must know what they are buying and why.

Take Christopher Columbus. This is a man who set out on the high seas with the intent of finding a new trade route to get rich. He specifically pitched this get rich scheme to the Spaniards. His plan was to go a different direction and did he ever. He never found or reached his intended destination of East Asia. Columbus landed in a whole new place that allowed for a new place to trade and gather commodities. He had a definite plan and then what did he do when his hypothesis was disproven? In Buzzword: he pivoted!  Columbus rolled with it and took advantage of what was given to him.

Having a definite plan does not mean you cannot waver from it.  However, this plan does allow you to create a sign post to measure success against then decide if you’ll need to alter course.

We have to articulate that vision then work vigorously to ensure effective execution.

Yep. Pick a direction and make it work!

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