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10 Website Action Items
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10 Website Action Items

10 Website Action Items

Re-assessing your website and ensuring it aligns with your current business goals has to be done occasionally, here’s a start:

1. Read Your Website

It’s probably been a little while since you or your copy writer wrote the content. You may find a few kinks in the presentation – Now’s a good time to fix that.

2. Check Contact Information

Address, phone, emails. Time passes and sometimes we don’t realize we haven’t made those changes.

3. Add Social Media

Advertising is about repetition and social media is an excellent way to promote your business while displaying the way the business runs. Start with Twitter, Linked In and Facebook.

4. Check Products and Services

What changes have occurred in your product line or list of services. If you don’t tell your prospects, they don’t know. Also, update any certifications or memberships. Do you have price lists?

5. Update Images

This fits right behind product / services lists – Are there any new images necessary for products, projects or services?

6. Review Forms

Not getting as many responses as you would like – or not the right kind? Maybe you need more information? Or less? If this is a vital part of your sales stream it could be worth a revisit. Perhaps you could use separate forms that could be tested against each other to discover the best layout or number of fields.

7. Update Home Page

Layout, Image, Logo. Adjusting your pitch could require a few changes and you may be surprised at how easy some would be.

8. Responsive Design

Mobile use has exploded. Have you considered how the website displays on phones and tablets?

9. Check Security Updates

Are you on a CMS (Content Management System) and not in a maintenance contract? New generation websites are software platforms and if you are pushed updates for Apple and Microsoft every week, there’s a chance your website platform is due.

10. Check Analytics

A look at the most popular content, click paths, exit / entry pages. Spending time studying how your website is used by your visitors can provide unexpected insight. If you are a current customer, let us kow and we’ll send you your credentials. If you don’t have analytics on your site, let us know and we will set you up in a flash.

Like all parts of a business, the website needs an occasional review. If you find some spots that need shining up, please contact me to prepare a quote.

Best and Success,

Jeff Messineo
Websites Simply Delivered

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