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A quotidian habit
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A quotidian habit

A quotidian habit

A quotidian habit.

Improvement really should be a daily habit. It makes it a much easier proposition.

Making particular processes a daily routine will ingrain the need to do each thing.

If you’ve ever had a habit of running nearly every day and you go at the same time every day, you find that your body begins to prep for it and yearn for that run without conscious thought. As much as we often focus solely on the idea of mind over body, we truly are a function of both. Neither mind nor body owns the entire domain.

Counting on our innermost, built-in strengths as humans can allow us to become better, high functioning humans. Running that extra block each time – each day, adding 5 push-ups to your routine, cleaning up one area of accounting, shining up that brochure, straightening out the sales pitch – each of these when approached daily with a sense of enthusiasm and effort will provide a positive result.

It has been often said the person who does something consistently does it religiously. Devotion and diligence are neither secular, religious or scientific. Our bodies, mind and inner self have a rhythm and it is up to our better selves to establish and continue on a path to create a fuller life for ourselves, at home and in business.

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