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Swift Media is an Orange County Website Developer, Internet Marketing Expert since 2000.
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a Caterpillar becomes a Monarch Butterfly


Something I am asked consistently in periodic meetings with my own prospects and clients is about the magic bullet. What will help their business take off? How can we increase sales?

The answer isn’t always exactly what they want or expect to hear. As a digital marketer, many expect to get a technological answer. That a single toll will solve their woes.

The best answer is often: Content; creation, curation and dissemination of materials relating to your area of focus. By developing information and using it in as many ways as you can imagine you will be helping your business, deepening your expertise and educating prospects by following our mantra of entice, engage and educate.

A solid, well-performing website enhanced by regular newsletter and educational posts, supported with social media videos and webinars will grow your audience and subscriptions.

No need for magic bullets, just consistent efforts that transform prospects into informed long-term customers.

Email. Call. Follow us on Social. We’d love to hear from you.