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A Recipe For Success
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A Recipe For Success

A Recipe For Success

A great recipe somehow always becomes greater than the sum of its parts. We mix together some flour, butter, sugar and water and you have a crust. Mix berries, sugar, juice and some corn starch and you have the filling. Throw it all in the oven and, soon enough, you’ll have a tasty pie.

Much of life is the same way, good ingredients and some honest work will provide you with a satisfactory result, or better, depending on the recipe.

Marketing and advertising works much the same way. Each ingredient on its own may give you decent results but if used together, holistically, we end up with our desired result: recognition and sales. A single ad run, a single marketing email, a web site built and forgotten; each may yield an initial bump and taper off. If your company or organization used each of these together, with a concerted, continuous effort you will have laid the groundwork for you and your sales people. The prospect will already have a history with you whether they’ve done business with you for 25 years or never before.

The response improves when a direct marketing piece is supported by a phone call or email and search properties are supported when additional information on your website discusses the terms that drew them there in the first place. As customers and prospects, we are all looking for answers to our particular problem. As companies we hope to be solutions. Using a multiple media mix ensures greater exposure individually and allows for repeated exposure in different areas and mediums. Driving for contact will give us the opportunity to answer the phone, answer email and answer their question.

Mix and bake: Easy as pie.

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