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Finding your way to a perceptive idea and penetrating approach are the steps to the creating your vision.


As the person who is at the helm, you must have a clear cut and distinct reason for the business. This reason must be clear to you. If you have not written and presented this reason a thousand times in a hundred different settings in dozens of forms, you don’t know what your business does.

by Maria Popova - Atlantic Article The Great Gatsby author's surprisingly blunt advice to would-be writers: I found this in the Atlantic but  please check out her website with a lot of great stuff for those who like this kind of stuff: Also / Notes:  For...

Most of all, money is a story Money's pretty new. Before that, we traded. My corn for your milk. The trade enriches both of us, and it's simple. worth the read:

Defining and Completing Tasks

One of the most difficult aspects of every endeavor is the stress involved in completing that endeavor. We constantly stress ourselves with the intangible. What might happen? What haven't I thought of? There are 100 different tasks that must be completed and where should I start? The place to start is with a list.
While preparing for a meeting I recently revisited this interesting piece of research from the Pew Internet & American Life Project.
A Key finding: 29% of cell owners describe their cell phone as "something they can't imagine living without."
In a related study Cell Internet Use, 17% of cell phone owners do most of their online browsing on their phone, rather than a computer or other device. Most do so for convenience, but for some their phone is their only option for online access.

Continued practice breeds excellence. The effort and repetition of a task done many times creates a certain rhythm and ability that can be achieved no other way. Playing guitar, baseball, crochet or web designing (learning and practicing a different language) are all pursuits that are improved...

Digging and turning the earth. Adding nutrients and planting seeds. Spring provides the opportunity to tap into a process that predates recorded time: growing food so that it can be harvested. Is our work at sales and marketing, particularly websites, any different?
Websites are facing the next revolution in their evolution: Mobile. We have come to terms with the fact that businesses have to have a website to represent their image and interests. However, with 50% of our country walking around with a smartphone in their pocket or purse, it is necessary to be able to deliver that website to a portable device. The device could be a tablet or a phone but the reality is, these varying screen sizes require a flexible approach to your website design. This is where responsive design comes on stage. At Swift Media, we like to call it Fat Thumb Design.