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Contacting Your Customers
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Contacting Your Customers

Contacting Your Customers

There was an old saw in sales, along the lines of Zig Ziglar or Tom Hopkins, that it takes seven – ten touches to convert a prospect.

In these days of non-stop communication, I would argue it may take up to twice that number. Now, we can define a touch as more than a sales call or advertisement but to include a LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook post; even a company newsletter or marketing email. If you stepped back and assessed the number ways you reach out to your customers and prospects, have you considered if you’re reaching out in a myriad of ways?

The use of multiple mediums can create a situation where you are not inundating your customer / client with hard core sales tactics (although we all know we have to have sales) but , done well, we can create an educated and interested partner where both parties benefit.

After all, a successful business and a successful life requires fairness. If we both win, we both win!

Reach out, let me know how we can help. We love work!

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