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90% of Life
Swift Media is an Orange County Website Developer, Internet Marketing Expert since 2000.
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90% of Life

90% of Life

swift_media_90_of_lifeOne consistent question I receive from clients and prospective clients is: How can our website show up on search engines? The first part of the answer is we want to rank well, not just show up. The second part of the answer is with some effort and planning.

90% of life may be just showing up – but the contents of the other 10%? That will set us apart.

A web site development project must fulfill a series of objectives; not the least of which is good ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

According to a recent iCrossing Study ( 95% of clicks on the three major search engines were committed on Page One. (That’s up from the nearly 90% of clicks in 2006).

These natural search results highlight the importance of ranking well with important terms but, also, means it is imperative that you show up well for your company name.

Swift Media has developed a strict series of developmental requirements within our established business process that assesses and improves web sites rankings. We have spent a decade studying and servicing businesses and our experience is to your benefit. The implementation of a short and long term plan for the development of your web site with solid naming conventions, relevant file structures and quality content will help ensure the relevance of your company’s wares to your company’s prospects.

By developing a plan based on your particular business strategies and objectives, Swift Media will help your business to be found by your best leads: those who are looking.