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A New Way to Hear Customers
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A New Way to Hear Customers

A New Way to Hear Customers

swift_media_new_way_to_hear_customersLet’s state the obvious: You are in business to make money.

Whether you work for an employer or you are the employer, sales is the engine that propels your company.

One of the very useful features of using email marketing to drive contact with your business is the diagnostic aspect. The ability to track and rate the efficacy of a campaign is enticing. Imagine knowing how many of your postcards made it to the addressee down to the name. What if you could tell how many people opened your envelope and if they took direct action on that marketing message.

With the most basic aspects of an email send utilized, we can track statistics such as: Bounces, Opt-Outs, Opens, Clicks and Forwards. “Bounces” can tell us if we have a bad address or if the mail box is full. “Opt-Outs” are a vital statistic because you can’t be given a stronger message than, “Stop calling me.” The bright side of this statistic is if you have a high opt-out rate, you will know you need to change tactics.

The process gets exciting when you begin to track and study your “Opens” and “Clicks”. This is where we truly measure performance. Are people really reading our email and do they act upon the message. We can get a real sense of our audience’s interest in our message. Just think of it as your very own Nielson Ratings. Trust me, if you have a competitive spirit you’ll catch yourself constantly striving to improve email after email.

Obviously, marketing is designed to drive sales at your business. What better way to track your efforts than to be able to follow the breadcrumbs of number sent to number opened to number clicked? In real time.

How many aspects of your business are so easily quantifiable? The email marketing channel delivers in two very powerful ways: It is inexpensive and it is measurable.

And it delivers.

Check your stats.

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