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An insanely easy way to get things done
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An insanely easy way to get things done

An insanely easy way to get things done

Defining and Completing Tasks

One of the most difficult aspects of every endeavor is the stress involved in completing that endeavor. We constantly stress ourselves with the intangible. What might happen? What haven’t I thought of? There are 100 different tasks that must be completed and where should I start?

The place to start is with a list.

Establishing and defining the various details to be completed allows these details to be tangible. When the various tasks float in our head, our lizard brain reacts and implements fight or flight syndrome. We begin to stress and get scared or confused or angry. We also lose the ability to see the big picture and often focus on the various details, assess them as threats and act on not a single one.

The act of creating a tangible, “touchable” list provides the opportunity to gather the many files floating in our minds, and then clear our cache to focus on each individually. If you have never done this, consider that moment before falling asleep at night. Relaxation sets in, and you begin to imagine all the things you mustn’t forget to do in the morning. If you take a moment to write them down, they will no longer float like butterflies through your lucidity. Those fears have been vanquished through the simplicity of doing.

Humans are creatures of action and by using that instinct to your intended ends rather than through unstructured stress, you have mastered your self. You have taken a basic human reaction of stress and fear, an endless cycle, and defined a linear, conquerable list of tangible tasks to be crossed off and forgotten like leaves in the wind.

Best and Success – Jeff

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