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Are You Getting Your Kicks on Route 66?
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Are You Getting Your Kicks on Route 66?

Are You Getting Your Kicks on Route 66?

At one time Route 66 was the height of technology. It was a paved highway that connected the West from Chicago to Los Angeles in a time that still saw many dirt roads and few fully planned routes to travel by car. We take our highway system, and its ideas, for granted.

Not long before Route 66, we came west by following side-by-side wagon wheel ruts in the dirt. As time passed, the two lane highway that passed through and supported towns was replaced by the Interstate Highway System and often bypassed these little towns in the name of engineering ease, speed, land rights, progress and many other things that make society run.

What, you ask, does this have to do with websites?

It has to do with the “information superhighway”. Do you remember that term? Back when “www” was new and computers were for electrical engineers. The ways we share technology and information have changed in both form and function. Search engines look at websites differently, customers look at websites differently, computers and phones (telephones?) look at websites differently.

The question is: Does your website present differently?

Can search engines see your website? Are you taking advantage of what social media provides? Can you update your own website? Are you tracking the behavior on your website, how customers got there, how long they stayed and where they left?

Technology progresses and if your business doesn’t adapt, you just may be like Radiator Springs in “Cars“, passed by because of progress without Lightning McQueen to save the day.

Technology, including your website, requires updating.

Websites can be integrated parts of operations, sales and marketing. A website will increase customer trust, provide actionable business data and boost company morale but, most importantly, it provides an all day, every day presentation of what, where and how your business does business.

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