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Fat Thumb Design
Swift Media is an Orange County Website Developer, Internet Marketing Expert since 2000.
Orange County, Website, Design, Development, Marketing
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Fat Thumb Design

Fat Thumb Design

Websites are facing the next revolution in their evolution: Mobile. We have come to terms with the fact that businesses have to have a website to represent their image and interests. However, with 50% of our country walking around with a smartphone in their pocket or purse, it is necessary to be able to deliver that website to a portable device. The device could be a tablet or a phone but the reality is, these varying screen sizes require a flexible approach to your website design.

This is where responsive design comes on stage. At Swift Media, we like to call it Fat Thumb Design.

We call it Fat Thumb Design for two reasons:

  1. It reminds us that our interface must support clicking with fingers and thumbs rather than a mouse cursor.
  2. To the user, when you get the design wrong, the shock of a page not working as expected fells like your thumb under a hammer.

Working to deliver a seamless experience at an affordable price is our offering and promise. We deliver a website that will represent your organization on a desktop in the office as well as on a phone in the car or tablet on the couch.

Have you considered how Responsive Design might affect your organization or business?

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