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Free Time Can Ebb and Flow
Swift Media is an Orange County Website Developer, Internet Marketing Expert since 2000.
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Free Time Can Ebb and Flow

Free Time Can Ebb and Flow

swift_media_free_timeTaking care of your website can fall pretty low on the list of priorities for a small business. Bills to pay. Bills to write. Sales to make. Delivery. Tack on having to chase down Jimmy Webguy to change an “an” to an “and” on the front page of your website realistically comes in pretty low.

However, just as you disregard a cover letter and resume based on a typo, what do you think happens when a prospective client discovers the mistake? We all know we have one opportunity to make a first impression.

Content Management Systems (CMS) create the opportunity to fix this oversight without the expertise of your web developer. By using a CMS to develop your website, you will be able to make simple text and image changes on your website by simply logging in and using an interface very similar to Microsoft Word.

Also, you have the ability for calendar events or full pages automatically “removed” at a predetermined date and time. The advent of these more sophisticated technologies has made the web an easier place to work and navigate. The very fact that it is easier to make these changes also allows us to manage your website more easily and efficiently, if you prefer.

Just as the ebb and flow of our business provides or decreases time for us to focus on our marketing activity, Swift Media is designed to give you a website that works, without the work.

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