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Practice, practice
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Practice, practice

Practice, practice

Continued practice breeds excellence.

The effort and repetition of a task done many times creates a certain rhythm and ability that can be achieved no other way. Playing guitar, baseball, crochet or web designing (learning and practicing a different language) are all pursuits that are improved by repetition.

When we hire a guitarist for a wedding or a tile guy to complete your intricately designed floor, we hire a craftsman with more than a few hours under their belts. The same is true of every business. You have to highlight and present your expertise if you expect to be paid for the work.

If your work is at the level of their nephew, why shouldn’t they hire their nephew instead of your business?

How do you present your business to ensure they get what they pay for? Would you hire your business? Good! Make sure your prospects know why they should pay for your time, too.


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