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Success is a word filled with so many qualities. How to define success drives to the core of all you do and is defined differently for each of us. My own success is very personal to me and, I assume, to you.

I like to think of success on different levels and at different places. Should we value successfully finishing a 5 mile run less than landing a big job or a terrific presentation? How about the birth of a child, or a wedding, your new car, house, 2nd house, retirement, a skateboard, an “A” paper, 2200 on the SAT?

Each represents a milestone on the journey to greater success. The journey is the most important aspect of success. Whether success is defined by material possessions, status, titles, accreditations, money or power; each of these things require commitment, perseverance and diligence.

Oh, and a plan.

You see, simply crossing the street requires you to look and know you want to get from Point A to Point B. It also will help to have a goal. This goal allows you to define success. What is your goal?

For some, goal setting comes easily. For the rest of us it usually feels like the wrong kind of homework. However, the goal setting becomes a gift. Knowing what to aim for makes it much easier to hit the target. If you sling an arrow from a bow, you’re better off at least facing the right direction. Having a goal in mind, or a series of short and long term goals, is what provides the feeling of “success”. Success should be treated more as the verb, it requires action and constantly changes over time as you achieve, and pass them on your way to more goals.

The history of a milestone goes at least as far back as the Romans. The Romans used them to mark each mile along their amazing collection of roads developed throughout the empire. Goals should mark your journey on the road to success. Success as defined by your standards and your goals, as established by your dreams, wishes, needs, personality and expectations.

Firmly establishing, and writing down, your goals will make them real and attainable. You must pick that end goal then create the steps between which will allow you to reach that goal. Start at Point A –> Pick Point B and track the journey marked by milestones, goals and the successful achievement of each.

Here, we will be helping to find your touchstones that will help you experience success in all of its forms. The journey is different for each of us, however, what it takes to discover the missing pieces and fulfill your promise of a satisfying life are here. We will help you to plot the points but it is up to you to make the journey.

All good things require work but nothing is more satisfying and rewarding than knowing what you need and providing it for yourself. We will give you the tools but you’ll need to pick up the hammer and use it.

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