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The Opposite of Sexy?….It works.
Swift Media is an Orange County Website Developer, Internet Marketing Expert since 2000.
Orange County, Website, Design, Development, Marketing
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The Opposite of Sexy?….It works.

The Opposite of Sexy?….It works.

swift_media_opposite_of_sexyReliability is not a sexy trait. Cinderella didn’t fall for Prince Charming for his reliability. Aggressive Venture Capitalists don’t fund a business because of its reliability.

Reliability is a trait that is often overlooked. Reliability isn’t dramatic. It’s far from a Ferrari and doesn’t cut a dashing figure. However, reliability is exactly what we crave in many of our services. Cell phones (Can you hear me now?), restaurants, hotels, web development. Many a customer has come knocking on my door because the last guy just wouldn’t return their calls. Paying customers not getting calls or emails returned; the only reliability was they couldn’t be relied upon.

At Swift Media, we are a company that can be counted on.

Swift Media has implemented our intranet to include project tracking software. We publish our timeline with milestones, deadlines and the required tasks. Our customers know what stage and what is to be expected from everyone on the project.

It is amazing to see what publicly displayed milestones can do for both productivity and freedom. Both customers and employees remark on how great this transparency has been and all because we focused on delivering a reliable experience along with our reliable websites.

Your website is an important link in your chain of business needs, informing prospects and delivering leads to salespeople and functioning as a 24 hour public face of your business. Swift Media will deliver on that promise of “Websites that Work Without the Work”.

Click here to learn more about The Hub and our Website packages.

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