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Websites That Improve Business Efficiencies
Swift Media is an Orange County Website Developer, Internet Marketing Expert since 2000.
Orange County, Website, Design, Development, Marketing
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Websites That Improve Business Efficiencies

Websites That Improve Business Efficiencies

Swift Media takes operational efficiency seriously for our company and our customers by improving the processes by which we deliver our product and by creating novel ways of using website technologies for business.

As bees constantly work to gather pollen to the betterment of the hive, Swift Media constantly gathers data to improve our product for our customers.

One way our focus on efficiency pays direct dividends to our customers investment is through the development of web based back-end Ordering Systems that simplify, speed up and effectively deliver a framework from which a company can mobilize workforce ordering.

Swift Media provides websites that provide ordering and shopping systems for manufacturing through traditional desktop websites and iPhone, Android and HTML5 smartphones.

Mobile websites can be used to fulfill many ordering and fulfillment requirements.

Your Salesforce can quickly close a sale by pulling out their smartphone, clicking a few pages on your website and submitting. Your operations will benefit from a database of transactions that hold all the details of your transactions as well as clean reporting on those transactions. If you aren’t looking for transactions but quotes, our system is easily configured to register the requested data and distribute for action to all the stakeholders.

Swift Media also uses operational efficiencies to continually improve how we deliver websites to you, our customers. Every job is rated and audited internally to ensure that the best product and service were delivered. By continuously improving how we run our processes, we believe we will continually improve your business and our own, in essence creating honey for the entire hive.